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Tony Robbins – Unleash the power within 2014 (Anthony goes London)

Tony Robbins ist der wohl BESTE Persönlichkeits-Trainer der WELT!

Auf dem Event „Unleash the power within“ – zu Deutsch „Befreie deine Innere Kraft“ in London zeigt er Dir, wie Du Deine PS auf die Straße bringst!

Ich bin mir sicher dass ich nicht viel zu Anthony Robbins sagen muss, denn er coacht die höchsten Persönlichkeiten der Welt:

Bill Clinton, ehem. President of the USA He has a great gift. He has the gift to inspire.
Deepak Chopra, Wellness Expert and Bestselling Author Tony empowers people to permanently transform their lives and create the world of their dreams. His techniques and methods are based on solid scientific research and his results are lasting. I value his friendship and admire the magnificence of his being.
Quincy Jones, Grammy Award Winning Musician and Producer Anthony Robbins knows the rhythm of the success. He is an incredible source of inspiration, and his methods have improved the quality of my life. I only work with the best and Tony is the Best.
Pitbull, World-renowned music sensation and international businessman On growing up listening to his mother’s Tony Robbins tapes:  I started to understand how failure is the mother of all success. [It] was like my university…It was my Harvard.
Stephen R. Covey Stephen R. Covey, Author, Die sieben Wege zur Effektivität Tony Robbins is one of the greatest influencers of this generation.
Andre Agassi, Eight-time Grand Slam Tennis Champion Tony’s incredible understanding of the world, people, and human nature makes him the ultimate life coach. He knows what it takes to make people excel….and to win!
American Express, (Company) AMERICAN EXPRESS asked its entrepreneurial clients whom they would select to help them take their business to the next level, if price were no object. Without any lists being provided, they came up with the following six responses: 1. Bill Gates, 3. Warren Buffett, 5. Ross Perot, 2. Donald Trump, 4. Lee Iacocca, 6. Tony Robbins


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Anthony Robbins Live in London 2014

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